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Summer is holding on.....but not for long!

Warm, pleasant weather in September is always welcome! Surface water temperature was still 73 degrees today........ a little unusual for this time of year. Carol showed Don and I how to catch the smallies last night! Only her third time fishing! We are catching smallmouth bass from a wide variety of areas including weeds, rock and wood with depths ranging from 2' to 32' depending on the body of water and time of day. Drop shot rigging small plastics and live bait been a solid deep water producer.

Love them Crappies! Tom, Jerry and Bill

caught these dandies on a slip bobber/minnow rig in some deep wood! Below.......Chuck, Bob One and Bob Two caught a nice mixed bag of Walleye and Smallmouth Bass. Chuck poses with a dandy before releasing it. Nice work guys! It was a fun sunny September week!

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