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Rainy Lake Retreat!!

We were blessed with another fun family summer vacation to Rainy Lake near International Falls Minnesota! This was our 6th year in a row staying at Camp Idlewood! The fishing was good but challenging at times also. Strong winds kept us off the big water reefs part of the week but we always search out and locate fish in smaller, calmer waters.

In this case moving water. We are as far up this feeder creek as possible with the Lund and found Smallmouth and some Walleye waiting for us. Slip bobber and a leach on current seems and small eddies provided good action! Bass jig/craw trailers and #9 Floating Rapalas also provoked action from Norther Pike on wood/weed areas of the river. Fish up to 36" were caught!

Moving water and rivers were not just a spring thing. They can provide action all year.

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