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Magnum Mid Winter Panfish

Old man winter is giving us some challenging conditions as we get close to saying bye bye to February. More snow and ice than we know what to do with. Snowmobile and foot travel are the only option most places, and make sure to bring a shovel and ice auger extension. The conditions have definitely made things more difficult but we have had some successful outings with some beautiful panfish!

Pictured is my good friend Jeff Hageman with a big 11 inch bluegill he caught and released on a jig and plastic combo. Searching wasn't easy ,but we found some good panfish on a river channel corner with some wood lying on the bottom. We caught a mix of crappie and bluegill on a wide variety of presentations. It wasn't super fast action, but patience, persistence and paying attention to reactions with electronics payed off.

Don't be afraid to venture out, just be prepared!

Good luck and think Spring!

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