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Late June Update

Hard to believe June is winding down already. Crazy cold, long winter with no real spring and then bam! Summer! I love it, but you better like change and be ready to switch things up in a hurry to be consistently successful. I try my best, but it certainly is challenging and humbling some days. I guess that's why I love fishing!

With the spawning done for most species ( except maybe bluegill on some larger lakes ) we are seeing some nice early summer patterns developing. I've only encountered one mayfly hatch so far ( on a flowage ), but they are coming soon. Many fish foraging in the mud now. Surface water temperatures are in the high sixties to mid seventies depending on lake size and weather patterns. We had some extreme rain storms about a week and a half ago that filled the flowages

and increased many natural lakes also. We took advantage of the rising water, in some cases moving fish up on the banks and into swift river water to feed!

We've also spent a lot of time on the larger natural lakes in the area and have had good action for Walleye, Smallmouth Bass and Largemouth Bass in cabbage weed, coontail, and sandgrass in 6 to 20 fow. 1/8 or 1/16 Jig/plastic or jig/crawler combos working very well. Slip bobber/leach, drop shot rigs and split shot rigs are also utilized. Great action early and late in the day on Floating Rapalas and Zara Puppies for the bass. When the wind blows we are fishing wind blown weed and rock flats and edges with 1/2 oz. lipless crank baits (Rattletraps) and swimming jig/plastic for all species.

Look forward to new emerging summer patterns emerging. Understanding electronics and boat control become even more critical. Have fun and good fishing!

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