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Good Spring River Walleye Fishing !

We are enjoying success chasing river walleye over the last 3 weeks! It's nice to be back on the water......floating in the boat! Pictured above is my good friend Patrick with a few eaters we kept for a fish fry. Most of the walleyes we catch are released.

Water is still quite cold with temps from 34 to 40 degrees depending on location and weather trend. We still have a couple feet of ice available for ice fishing on some waters in the Minocqua area. I'm running a little south and fishing stretches of the Wisconsin River and the Fox River. I do not guide on the Fox River but offer trips on the Wisconsin River.

We've been finding walleye in the channel, channel edges and up on shallower flats at times in depths from 4 to 26 feet of water. As always it's very important to be open minded and flexible to stay with active walleyes. The last 3 days I've seen more Walleyes showing up shallow despite the cold water temps. The spawn is approaching soon and these fish are putting the feed bag on.

Presentations have been pretty simple for us with jig and plastic combos taking the bulk of the fish. Sometimes fishing vertically, dragging or casting depending on situation and depth. Sometimes live bait is neccessary and have found a few situations where drop shot rigs and Lindy Rigs worked well.

Looking forward to another fun summer of fishing in the Minocqua area!

Tight lines and good luck on the water!

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