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First Ice Report!

The ice conditions are improving and it looks like we have another cold week coming up with highs in the 20's. With that being said, extreme caution must be taken as always. I wear a Striker Ice Flotation Suit all year. Carry a rope and life ring and use a spud bar to check ice as you test new ice areas. Always check new areas with a buddy tagging behind in case of emergency. There is no fish in the world worth risking a life over!

Ice thickness varies from about 4 inches on some shallow isolated bays to open water on larger lakes, deeper basins and areas with current. I like to have a solid 2 to 3 inches for walking. Right now there is very little, if any snow on ice in the Minocqua area. Ice cleats for walking are recommended.

On our last outing we caught a handful of walleye and pike in 1.5 to 4 feet of water while using tip ups with large fathead minnows and small walleye suckers. We had lines set deeper but the shallow stuff is where they were! Early ice often can provide great action shallow.

I hope to venture out this week in pursuit of some Crappie in deeper water and will post results!

Take care, be safe, tight lines and tip up!

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