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Fall Has Arrived!!

Thursday September 20th we had surface water temperatures of 73 degrees. Today on Tuesday September 25th, surface water temperature was 63 degrees. I guess it really is Fall! Fall colors are glowing and although the temperatures are cooler, the bite has been good!

Walleye action was best for us in the 16 to 22 foot depths. Jig and minnow or half a crawler or simple live bait rigging produced good results. Fish seemed to be concentrating on soft bottom basin and weed edge areas on some lakes. Some lakes had walleyes scattered on rock humps. Understanding and believing your electronics is critical and saves a lot of time while searching.

Crappie action also remains good. Once again, every lake seems to be a little different. Water with good deep wood or cribs in the 12 to 20 foot depths often holds good groups of suspended crappie 5 to 12 feet down. Smaller bowl type lakes are seeing some crappie suspended out in the basin as well as some fish in the weeds and on the edges. In all cases we have been able to trigger fish with 1/32 to 1/8 ounce jigs with small plastics or a crappie minnow. Sometimes a plain hook, crappie minnow and slip bobber rig is key.

Good luck and tight lines!

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