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Early Fall Patterns Develop

The last couple weeks have been interesting. Some good catches and also some days and lakes that were a real struggle. Don't ever assume that because I'm guiding and on the water a lot that I don't have tough days. I do, and that just makes me work harder trying to stay on fish, find new fish and check out different lakes. One of the blessings, and challenges of living in Wisconsin's northwoods is the incredible number of lakes to choose from. I do enjoy and appreciate the opportunity and challenge but sometimes feel it would be easier if I had one big lake, ( like Lake Of The Woods ) to call home.

With that being said.....I've been fishing a number of different lakes and flowages. Big, small, deep, shallow, stained and clear. My most consistent action for walleye has been on deeper basin edges in 20 to 28 foot of water. Having good electronics and understanding them is crucial. The fish are in specific areas and this pattern isn't working on all lakes. I enjoy the looking process although it can be very time consuming while scouting. The shallow weed and rock bite has been the inconsistent part but still worth pursuing. Jigs and rigs with 1/2 a crawler or fathead minnows are both producing for me.

We've also been chasing crappie and finding them suspended in 12 to 20 foot of water on some lakes and also associating with vertical wood and weeds depending on the lake. Swimming plastics through them or a reel and stop presentation with slip bobber and minnow or plastics is working well. Even though they are often schooled up on a small areas they don't seem to respond well to a bait just dangled in their face. They often prefer some horizontal movement to get reaction bite.

Wishing you good luck and a fun time on the water! Be safe!

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