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August Action Heating Up!

Pleasant summer weather and good action last week as summer is slowly slipping away. Did a number of trips for several different species. Water temps holding in mid 70's. Water levels falling on all area flowages and getting some algae blooms on some lakes. Pretty typical this time of year.

Finding crappies in the cabbage weed and wood in 6 to 16 feet of water. Jigs and small plastics as well as a simple crappie minnow slip bobber set up all working well at times. Had to work hard to find them, but managed some good catches as well. Kept a few for the frying pan but released many also. Minimal selective harvest is important on populations with lower densities in some off these lakes.

Walleye action has been decent. Often challenging, but that's fishing. I had 3 different people in different groups catch their first ever Walleyes! Nice work guys! Still finding Walleye on deep clear lakes in 6 to 20 foot weeds as well as hard bottom areas in 16 to 30 foot. Jigs and rigs with crawlers still the top producer although lowlight and cloudy conditions are still producing a decent crankbait and jig/plastic bite on the edge of weeds and up on weed flats at times.

It's been a fun productive summer so far and things should continue to improve as the days get shorter and water temps eventually start to decline. I really appreciate all the new, and old faithful customers that have been able to fit a trip in with me this summer! Thank you!

Tight lines and good luck with your fishing adventures!

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